This was a short class exercise.  It’s certainly not my best work but it was more about trying different techniques, and being more disciplined with my work.

I’m still stumped by the jumpy tracking motion of the camera (in spite of using Easy Ease on the keyframes).

The resolution is over 4K (10039 x 3122, specifically). It took 1 hour and 35 minutes to render, so it’s a big-en’.

The shadows were created by filming behind the lights onto a white screen, and then Keylighting the tungsten tones out of the footage. I lightened the opacity of the shadowy figures, which I’m happy with.

The last shadow was my little superstar, Neeshy, running across the screen.  I don’t think this was particularly successful as it is hard to make out what the shadow actually is.

The project is all Photoshop and After Effects.

Not a bad effort overall, although I’m happy it’s only going to be a “Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory” grading.