Credits include: Evil Angels (1988), Moulin Rouge! (2001), Rome + Juliet (1996), Road to Perdition (2002), Elisabeth (1998).

Bilcock talked about how being an editor is an art form as well as a technical skill. To be a good editor and contribute to a film, she considers an editor must have a:

  1. good understanding of the story, sub-text and characterisation, not just the script;
  2. good visual eye to select which part of a scene to start with, or end with, which is mostly instinct;
  3. sense of rhythm to know how to use different effects, edits or dissolves to help create either energy or momentum of energy in a scene, or mood; and
  4. being able to work with, and being sensitive towards, the director with how the story is to be presented.

Bilcock also believes there’s no formula for successful editing.  It’s a skill and an instinct that develops with experience.